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Shetland Sheep Breed Information

Shetlands are a primitive, hardy Northern European short-tailed sheep originating from the Shetland Isles.  It is primarily kept for its fine, soft fleece but can also be used for crossbreeding since they have wide hip bones and produce growthy lambs on grass that have a dark, sweet, mild flavor.  

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Shetland fleece is fine, soft, and crimpy.  It is an excellent choice for handspinners and handknit or handwoven items.  Fine Shetland wool comes in 3 different grades, as well as britch wool, for all types of finished goods.

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Black/Shetland black      Moorit brown     

Shaela (black frost)        Fawn

Emsket (blue-gray)        Mioget (rosy/gold)

Various shades of grey   Musket (cream)


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Patterns & Markings

Shetlands, being a primitive breed, come in various patterns and markings.  

Shetland lambs

Shetlands are one of the smallest breeds and are hardy, easy keepers.  Ewes range from 70-100 lbs and rams are 90-125 lbs.  

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