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Under The Son Shetlands 

Award winning sheep, fleece, yarns, and finished goods.  Fine fleece makes the difference.


Our farm is located in west central Indiana.  We have been raising fine fleeced Shetland sheep since 2002, concentrating on hardiness, breed type, great structure, and fine, soft, dense fleeces.

Shetland Breed Info

Shetland sheep have a variety of interesting qualities about them.  From the fine fleece, to the myraid of colors, patterns, and markings, there is always something to learn about this unique, personable breed.


Award winning flock of top quality Traditional 1927® 

breedstock Shetlands.  Specializing in fine, soft fleeces, great structures, hardy constitutions, and easy lambing.  

Quality lambs and adults as well as crossbred lambs available seasonally.


Whether you are looking for a raw fleece to start your project from scratch, washed fleece, roving, combed top, or yarn, Under The Son Farm has it all.  
If you are looking for handwoven fabric, blankets, or garments visit the Clo Hjaltland page.

Lambing 2024

This year, all lambs are purebred.  Lots of top quality ewe and ram lambs available!  


There are no crossbreds this year.  

New for 2024


Woven wool rugs

Natural colored wool rugs handwoven by me on my rug loom using handspun yarn from the flock.   Custom orders welcome.  

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